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Wednesday 16 June, 2021
 About us


Tavor Communications Solutions Ltd. was founded in 2000 with the aim of providing optimal communication solutions for small business customers and private customers with business uses.


Tavor is a subsidiary of Kneh Hakol Group Ltd.

Kneh Hakol Group is a company for placement institutions. The company’s goal is to lower the operating costs of institutions and organizations, and serves their common interests by formulating framework agreements with products and services vendors, enabling the organizations to purchase goods and services at a low price while keeping good quality.


Tavor offers its range of customers worthwhile packages in the cellular communications sector. Our aim is to create optimal customized packages for each customer on the basis of his or her needs and type of use.


Tavor created its website in order to provide you, the customer, with the maximum access to the information you need within your monthly bill, and to enable you to independently manage your package items and system services such as detailed print-outs of your monthly bill, lists of calls, and system services connects and disconnects.


For your information: The information will only be provided to the Tavor customer in person after his/her identity is verified by means of a personal password.


We believe that a satisfied customer is a customer who feels that he/she is understood. A major part of our efforts at Tavor are focused on getting to know our customers in order to hear the requests from them and to customize packages to meet their needs.


Although the sale is the culmination of the process, it is also the start of a business partnership between us and our customers. We are at your service and we will do everything in our power to assist our customers in real time.

We will do our utmost to satisfy our customers’ needs. When our customer is satisfied – we are satisfied!


For your convenience, Tavor’s customer service is available Sunday through Thursday from 0900 to 1700.

You may also contact Matan – company manager at 052-8397444.

We will be happy to personally answer any question, inquiry, or request.